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304 Group I Vacancies in APPSC

ANDHRA PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION: HYDERABAD inviting applicants for the post of 304 Group-I.Recruitment Applications are invited On-line through the proforma Application to be made
available on website.

The Commission has dispensed with the sale of applications through HPOs / Sales Counter of
Commission’s office. The desirous eligible Candidates may apply ON-LINE by satisfying
themselves with the terms and conditions of this recruitment. The details are as follows:-
No.      Post                                              vacancies        Age
01       Deputy Collectors in A.P. Civil Service   07          18-34
          (Executive Branch)
02       Commercial Tax Officers in A.P              01         18–34
          Commercial Taxes Service
03       Deputy Supdt. of Police (Civil) Cat-2 in   05         21–28
          A.P. Police Service
04       Deputy Supdt. of Jails (MEN) in A.P. Jail 04         18–28
05       Divisional Fire Officers in Fire &               10        21–26
          Emergency Services
06       District Registrar in A.P. Registration and 05        18–34
          Stamps Service
07       District Tribal Welfare Officer in A.      04        18–34
          Tribal Welfare Service.
 08      District Employment Officer in               23         18–34
         Employment Service
09       Asst. Treasury Officer/Asst. Accoun      10          18–34
         Officer in A.P. Treasury & Accounts
10       Deputy Registrar in A.P. Cooperative      15          18–34
11       District Panchayat Raj Officers in            11          18–34
         Panchayat Raj Service.
12       Regional Transport Officers in A.P.          06          18–34
         Transport Service
13       District Social Welfare Officer in A.P.       05          18–34
         Social Welfare Service.
14       District B.C. Welfare Officer in B.C.        04          18–34
         Welfare Service
15      Municipal Commissioner Grade-II in        03          18–34
           Municipal Administration Service
16        Mandal Parishad Development Officer i   80          18–34
           in A.P. Panchayat Raj and Rural
           Development Service
17        Lay Secretary / Administrative Officer     02          18–34
           Medical and Health
18        Assistant Prohibition & Excise                 04          18–26
           Superintendent in A.P. Prohibition &
           Excise Service
19        Assistant Audit Officer in A.P. Local Fun  64           18–34
          Audit Service

                                               TOTAL                263

The following blank formats (Proforma) are available in the Commission’s Website
(www.apspsc.gov.in) The candidates can use, if required.
i). Community, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate
ii). Declaration by the Un-Employed
iii). School Study Certificate
iv). Certificate of Residence
v). a) Medical Certificate for the Blind
b) Certificate of Hearing Disability and Hearing Assessment
c) Medical Certificate in respect of Orthopedically Handicapped Candidates
vi). Creamy Layer Certificate


For Post  Code 01 to 04, 06 to 08, 10 to 12 & 14 to 19 A Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University in India established or incorporated by or under Central Act, Provincial Act, a State Act or an
Institution recognized by the U.G.C. or an equivalent qualification.

For Post Code 05 A Bachelor’s Degree in B.E. (Fire), provided that if BE (Fire) candidates are
not available Candidates with the degree in any discipline will be considered.

For Post Code 13 (i) A Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University in India established
or incorporated by or under Central Act, Provincial Act, a State Act or an
Institution recognized by the U.G.C. or an equivalent qualification.
(ii) Preference shall be given to persons possessing a degree in “Sociology”
or “Social Work”.

For Post Code 09 A Degree in Commerce OR Economics OR Mathematics of a University
recognized by the U.G.C. with at least Second class in the subject OR CA of
the UK or India or an Incorporated Accountant (London)


For Post Code No. 03 to 05: Must not be less than 167.6 Cms. in height and must be not less
than 86.3 Cms. round the Chest on full inspiration and has a Chest expansion of not less than 5
Cms. on full inspiration (as per Special Rules).

For S.T.: Must not be less than 164 Cms. in height and must be not less than 83.8 Cms. round
the Chest with a minimum expansion of not less than 5 Cms. on full inspiration.

For Post Code No. 03 (Women only): Not less than 152.5 Cms. in height and not less than
45.5 Kgs in weight. (As per G.O.Ms.No. 137; Home (Police-E); dated: 01/06/1998)

For Post Code No. 18: Must be atleast 165 Cms. in height and atleast 81 Cms. round the
Chest on full expiration, with a chest expansion of atleast 5 Cms. (as per Rule 4(c)(iii) of A.P.
Excise Rules & as per G.O. Ms. No. 108 GAD, dated: 25/01/1961.

For Pc.No. 03 & 05: Vision: The Candidate should satisfy by a Medical Board as to his
Physique, Fitness and Capacity for active outdoor work and is certified by the Ophthalmic
Surgeon that his vision comes upto the requirements specified below without the use of contact

FEE: (Remittance of Fee) Each applicant must pay Rs. 100/- (Rupees One
Hundred Only) towards Application Processing Fee and Examination Fee RS.120/- (RUPEES
ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONLY) (if Candidates are not exempted from payment of Fee).
Payment of Rs. 100/- (Rupees Twenty Five only) towards application processing fee is
compulsory for all Applicants.

Application to be made available on WEBSITE (www.apspsc.gov.in) from 09/12/2011 to 08/01/2012 (Note:
06/01/2012 is the last date for payment of fee) for recruitment to the post of GROUP-I

For more details see website http://apspsc.gov.in/

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