Sunday, September 4, 2011

Save A Baby...Save His Smile

The baby boy's name is Prateek. He is 6 months old. One month back he was found to be anemic by the doctors in Vizag and when the blood tests were done it was found that his blood count was low and the doctors said there may be a problem in the bone marrow and asked us to get the bone marrow test done.

Then we came to CMC (Christian Medical College, Vellore) where the baby is currently admitted. The doctors in CMC have done the bone marrow and other tests and finally diagnosed that the baby has Aplastic Anemia which is a rare occurrence in 6 month old baby. The treatment for this is Bone Marrow Transplantation. The cost of this transplantation is likely to be around 20-25 lakhs. Moreover, as the baby's platelet counts are low, the treatment should start in 4 weeks of time. So we don’t have much time left. The parents of the baby belong to lower middle class family and can no way afford to arrange such a huge amount that too in such a short notice of time.

So, we appeal to all the concerned people, to kindly render any financial assistance for the cause. No matter how little the contribution is, it can make a big difference. More importantly, any small gesture of support would go a long way in boosting the morale of the family members.

Details regarding the ongoing treatment for the baby at CMC, Vellore:

Baby's no at CMC: 992988D
Dr. Biju George, M.D, D.M, Associate Professor, Dept of Clinical Haematology, CMC,
Dr. Indira Agarwal. Professor, Dept. of Child Helath,

Aplastic Anemia is a condition where bone marrow does not produce sufficeint new cells to replenish blood cells. The condition, per its name, involves both aplasia and anemia. Typically, anemia refers to low red blood cell counts, but aplastic anemia patients have lower counts of all three blood cell types.

Aplastic anemia can be moderate, severe or very severe. People with severe or very severe aplastic anemia are at risk for life-threatening infections or bleeding. Although aplastic anemia can appear at any age, in any race or gender, it is diagnosed more often in children and young adults.
About Bone Marrow Failure

Inside our bones is  a soft, spongy tissue called bone marrow. It is the “factory” that makes blood cells. Bone marrow contains special cells called stem cells. These blood-forming stem cells grow and mature into three types of blood cells:

  •  Red blood cells which carry oxygen to tissues and organs
  • White blood cells which help fight disease and infections
  • Platlets which help blood clot to stop bleeding

If the bone marrow “factory” breaks down and fails to keep up with the body’s needs for the production of healthy blood cells, the result is called bone marrow failure. Aplastic Anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria are bone marrow failure diseases.
Anyone who are willing to help the baby and his family can contact on the below numbers:
Srinivas    - +91 9989812505  (EMail:
Padmaja   - +91 9866280789
Pavan        - +91 9553875007
Murthy     - +91 9945671139
Shyam       -  408 431 4027 (USA)
Kishore     -  206 369 2732 (USA)

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Donors can also send your donations to the below bank a/c:

A/C Number  : 00501050219043
A/C Holder    : T L V Pavan Kumar
First name      : Lakshmi Venkata Pavan Kumar
Last name      : Tanikella
Bank               : HDFC Bank
Branch           : DWARAKANAGAR
IFSC Code     : HDFC0000050

DD can be sent in the name of the baby with below information:
Name: Prateek T V


C/o Dr. Biju George, M.D, D.M, Associate Professor,
Dept of Clinical Haematology,
CMC, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

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